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How To Make Money Selling Photos Of Yourself

Yes, some might say that this is quite seedy and it is understandable that most of my girl friends and girls out there would not be interested in this. However, How to make money selling photos of yourself or on a webcam could not be easier. I have been doing this now for 3 years and have plenty of friends that have just started out as well…..once they learnt how much I was earning!

Girls selling nude pictures and videos of themselves has become quite popular over that last few years and is continuously becoming more popular. Naked Snapchat pictures have become the basic platform to which girls can make £50 per day. However, there are far more discreet methods out there in which you can earn a huge income.

Girls earning £1,000 – £5,000 per week

I-Camz Is the highest paying cam modelling site, as top models can earn £5,000 per week working full time. But keep in mind this is not common, as this will be working full time which will be physically and mentally hard on your body, so therefore most models tend not to work full time. An average models earn £1,000 to £2,000 working 20 hours. Some girls can earn £100 a day literally just to chat to guys over a webcam for a couple of hours.

I-Camz is a very safe and secure platform were you can even block cities or states to protect your identity! It is a very discreet platform where girls in the UK can give guys in the USA a bit of fun, in return for their hard earned cash. Some of these guys are filthy rich and pay high amounts of cash tips for you doing very little……literally sat on your home sofa with your webcam on in your bra and knickers.

As I said before, this is not for everyone and far from the most luxury of jobs, but the income I earn is very appealing and I certainly would never put anyone off doing it, yet quite the opposite.

Yet, I must also warn you that there are also men on there with fetishes. For example, men that have feet fetishes and will pay for literally showing your feet on webcam…………yes weird I know! So if you where thinking ‘where can I sell pictures of feet for money’?…. then your probably also in the right place.

For me, this is a short term goal to pay off my mortgage and a few other bits. In another year I can live mortgage free for the rest of my life, literally from a couple of years work, however everyone to their own intentions.

In summary, If you are wondering how to make money from working from home and living an easy life, or how to get the finances to start a business or whatever you dream goals are, then I would definitely recommend trialling I-camz and see what opportunities it brings for you.